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Fair Weather Field

Residential Aviation Community/Fly-In Airpark









Fair Weather Field is being developed by the husband and wife team Leonard Firth and Pamela Mackey.

Leonard Firth has been a pilot for 46 years. He has flown numerous corporate and general aviation aircraft. He has ratings as an airline transport pilot, multi-engine land, single-engine land, commercial single-engine sea, and lighter-than-air pilot. For 15 years, he ran a hot-air balloon business in the Houston area called "Above It All Ballooning" and was a flight instructor and pilot examiner for balloons. Leonard is also an aircraft mechanic and holds his A&P (Airframe and PowerPlant) license and has his IA (Inspection Authorization) certification.

Pamela Mackey has been flying for 13 years as a single-engine land pilot.

We are creating an aviation subdivision where other pilots can live the dream of owning and living with their plane.

Contact us by phone or email for more information about our subdivision:

Phone: 281-702-3331

Email: leonard@fairweatherfield.com

Email: pam@fairweatherfield.com

The picture below is of us in front of a hangar that is currently for sale.