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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there any restrictions on buying a lot? Yes, there is one - in an effort to maintain the integrity of the airport community, at least one purchaser of a lot(s) is required to possess a valid Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot’s certification or valid foreign equivalent.  Pilot’s license must be in effect at the time of the purchase of property and must be presented at the time of the closing sale.

Do you have deed restrictions? Yes, please download a copy on the Downloads page. These have been recorded with Waller County and we are a recorded subdivision.

Must I use a specific builder? No, you are not restricted to a specific builder. If you need a builder, though, we can certainly recommend the ones that we have used in the past.

Am I restricted to building both a house and a hangar? Many other aviation subdivisions require both a house and a hangar - we do not have this requirement. You can choose to build a hangar only, a hangar and a house, or a hangar with an apartment inside. You can also choose to build a hangar now and then build a house or an apartment inside the hangar later.

Is there a time restriction on building? If you buy an unimproved lot, there is no time requirement to begin building a hangar or home - for example, if you are close to retirement and buy a bare lot, you can wait until you retire, and then start your building(s).

However, once you start construction of a hangar or home or if you start construction on both a hangar and home at the same time, you have a year to get finished with the construction of your hangar, home, or hangar and home.

What are the minimum square footage requirements?

- hangar: 2500 sq ft.

- single story residence: 1600 sq. ft.

- two-story residence: 2500 sq ft.

Can we have farm animals? No. Animals are restricted to cats, dogs, and fish. Cats and dogs are limited in number to three maximum in any combination: i.e. three dogs, or three cats, or a two cats and a dog, or two dogs and a cat. Fish must be kept indoors and may not be stocked in outside ponds or pools.